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Difficult to talk about myself ...
Anyway, very pleased, my name is Leonardo,I kes me think, dream, etc in Brazil, I have 18 years old, I'm a good person, (usually) shy, humorous, I like good music and enjoy being with friends and family.
Want to meet me? Follow ! But try to pull the subject or maybe I won't head the word ... (My biggest defect is that)... e_e
From here, I believe that about 80% of people will not be interested in reading. Well, whatever ...

Favorite color: Blue.
Predominant color: Black.
Passions: I really enjoy music, it ma
I play Guitar,bass and also vocals.
Favorite musical genre: Rock and Metal (almost all types)
Higher quality: I'm a very patient person.
Biggest flaw: I usually don't take initiatives. (I'm too shy)
Biggest lesson of life: Everything passes.
The day to day: quiet and observant.
With friends: Relaxed, and not a bit ashamed.
That's it. !
I think ...
All are welcome !

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